The expectations.

We do not take lightly the fact that we are invited into peoples homes and given a level of trust at first meeting. This is huge, and a responsibility that we respect. And so to keep that level of respect and trust, we, as tradies, must adhere to a set of general rules that can only be known as all important MANNERS.

We know what great lengths our ESP Plumbing Solutions boys go to to maintain a high standard of what’s expected in clients homes. We are invited in to do work on your homes, sometimes with you there, and sometimes without you. What a huge responsibility!

Taking it to the people.

We started listing down all the lengths we at ESP go to to protect that level of comfort our clients have with us.  There had to be some weird and wonderful stories out there from home owners that were too bad/good not to share. So for extra inspo we posed the question to a fantastic online community of clients and tradesmen alike  (Building Dreams. Mornington Peninsula on Facebook, check it out if you need a seriously good resource for all things local and house-y). These guys really pulled through with the goods! We were laughing for days reading the mass influx of the good, the bad and the (very!) ugly stories they had to share with me on this topic.

We like good manners.

As trades people, we will take our boots off inside wherever possible. Sometimes this not possible due to the in/out frequency required, so we go to great lengths to lay down an amazingly protective (and sometimes damn impressive!) network of paths made from drop sheets and corflute. No one wants dirty carpet. We get it.  

Dirty footprints tell a story. We heard of a tradesman that left his footprints in the clients bedroom when the area he was supposed to be working on was at the other end of the house. 😱 *true story     #dontbecreepy

We will not over stay our welcome. We will work in as much as possible with your availability, and we PROMISE not to bring our wives, girlfriends or partners to jobs and sit them in your kitchen with you while we finish your job.😳 *another true story.  #awkward

If you offer us a cuppa, sometimes we say yes thank you. If you offer us a snack we may also very thankfully say yes please. But we never expect it, and by gosh we never ask for a different version prepared a bit differently than what you originally offered. To the fellow tradie that said no definitely not crunchy peanut butter, and not that brand because of the sugar content, and then asked if it was made in Australia….maybe a simple ‘no thanks’ would have been more polite? *yep, true again

For each bad poo story I trawled through  (yes, you read that right, poo stories! ) there was a heart warming pet and tradie story to counteract these, and these pet stories absolutely warmed the cockles of my heart.

Your darling animals. Parts of your families. It’s their home too. We understand this, and also understand that they might not enjoy all the noise, all the work trucks, people coming and going and movement within their spaces. We want your pets as happy and as safe as you do, we promise. 

 We loved hearing of the painter that bonded with his client’s cat so much he fed her and cleaned out her litter tray every day, and of the builders that cried alongside their client on the day she had to say goodbye to her pet dog. For every dodgey tradesman story, there were 3 awesome tradesmen stories. 

Do’s and don’ts. 

If we MUST ask to use your bathroom, we will pay close attention to leaving it in exactly the same state as we found it. In our case, as plumbers, we have quite possibly installed the toilet in question, and in no way, shape of form do we wish to leave any signs that we have, um, been there. 

Swearing.  It’s a respect thing. Trades may have a reputation for colourful language. But we don’t really like that rep. If it can’t be said in front of your grandmother, we don’t say it in front of you or, by default, the neighbours kids playing in their own backyards.

Noise travels, guys, and no one really needs to know how flukin’ amazing that flukin’ new song is and how flukin’ loud your flukin’ new stereo plays it.  As your mum would always say, manners go a long way. At ESP Plumbing Solutions we get that.

ESP boys always take our rubbish away with us. It’s all part of the service. Inside, outside, we endeavour to leave your home and yard junk and debris free. You needed your storm water fixed, or your bathroom renovated, not a hard rubbish collection ordered.

It’s serious business being invited into other people’s homes to fix things, install things, or do improvements. It’s a responsibility most tradesmen honour with good manners, thankfully. And we here at ESP Plumbing Solutions are no exception.

As mum always used to say, “Manners will get you everywhere”.