Why Choose Local? Why call local?

We all do it. We find ourselves needing service, and we head straight to Google.

Local Plumber - Mornington Peninsula, DromanaUs?  We live in Dromana. Looking at it now, Google has seen many a local request from my own devices and will be sure to see many more.

Child-friendly restaurants Dromana 👪

Non-child friendly restaurants Dromana 💏

Dromana wine 💃🍷would be in my personal top 3, but let’s not discount the hundreds of times when I’ve hunted for local services.

Dromana *insert name of occupation* that I need the help of (sometimes) desperately, and (always) promptly.

Have I been successful in my searches? Yes! Moreover, have I found local, close to home services and products that I have been happy with and will know to call next time? Yes!

So, why do we choose local?

Convenience. If I need a job done, by the time I’m picking up the phone to call, all my finances are in order, and I’ve got my heart set on getting the job done ASAP. I don’t want to wait for somebody when they are ‘next in the area’, or worse still…..to be told: ”I’ll give you a ring when I know where I’ll be”.

How can one possibly plan around this vagueness for which some tradesmen have (unfortunately) become a little renowned?

The convenience of calling somebody local is that they are likely to be able to drop in to have a look at your job promptly. The ball will start rolling a lot sooner than waiting for ol’ mate non-local who will aim to have a look when he’s ‘next in the area’.

I put the question to ESP Plumbing Solutions Bossman, Nathan.

Why chose a local plumber?

ESP Plumbing Solutions - You trusted local plumber

Nathan & Kye Blencowe owners of ESP Plumbing Solutions – Your tursted local plumbers

He says building community spirit is important. We live in what we like to think is a little slice of heaven here on the Mornington Peninsula. It is a busy place when it needs to be, and it is also the most relaxing and laid-back place to live for the rest of the year. By calling local, we keep our magnificent home a thriving area for all, all year round. He also says that by calling a local plumber, you get the best value for your money.

Please explain, Nathan?

“If I can call in somewhere on my way to or from home, or if I’m not travelling distances to get to certain jobs, I can waive plumbing call out fees, which is money in the client’s pocket, isn’t it?”

We like the sound of that.

It might be helpful to mention that calling local means talking to somebody with a greater knowledge of local conditions. Here on the Mornington Peninsula, our plumbers can tend to work with sandy soils, sloping blocks, salty air, and as we use weather dependent materials, it’s important to have some local knowledge on these things.

So, to recap, we call local for three very important reasons

  1. Building community in local areas and supporting small business.
  2. Local knowledge of local conditions.
  3. You are getting the best value when it comes to your time and your money.

Local makes the world go around.

Need a plumber, always call a local plumber.