Should you let sand down plugholes?

Beach Residents ….Should sand be going down your plugholes?

So, the sun is shining, and us lucky Mornington Peninsula locals are hitting the beach most days (because we can, and why wouldn’t we?!)

You all know how it goes….you come inside, all salty and still a bit sandy, and head straight to the shower to wash off the days sunscreen and sand. All the towels, bathers, and boardies get bundled up and thrown into the laundry sink to deal with later. And when we get to them, we pop them in the washing machine, usually leaving quite a collection of sand in the bottom of the trough.

What a great day at the beach was had today, you think. But geez, sand. My laundry trough is full of it, my bathroom floor is gritty from it, and my shower base it pretty damn gritty too.

Ah, it’s ok, I’ll just swish it down the plug holes. She’ll be right.

But will it? Will it really?

From a plumbing perspective, we say STOP RIGHT THERE.

Sand itself won’t cause any damage to your pipes, but the stoppage it could possibly create can. Newer house vs older house, this will impact on the likelihood at your place of having a blockage due to sand in pipes. These days, we use plastic PVC pipes in newer homes, which have smooth interiors. And if the pitch is correct, then sand has a better chance of draining away and not causing any clogging issues.

Older houses can be a different story. Cast iron, galvanised steel or terracotta pipes were used in these old homes, which makes it a riskier endeavour flushing sand down the plug holes. The steel and iron pipes can become rough inside over time, and the terracotta have lips at the joins, all invitations for copious amounts of sand to sit in, and collect, and possibly clog your drains.

You are thinking, ugh, no thanks, no clogs needed here! So what do you do?

What do you do?

Get rid of your sand at the beack

Leave the sand here, not in your drains

How do you make sure no more sand heads down your sinks or showers? You are officially in charge of making sure gritty, sandy sand stays far away from all the plug holes in your home
as of now. Keep a dustpan brush at the front door, brush down your legs and feet before heading inside.

Shake out all your towels and sandy beach clothes outside really well before they go anywhere near your laundry. Rinse off your legs and feet under a tap you have in the front garden. Most homes have a tap located in their front yard, but if not, talk to our plumbers about getting one installed. You can thank us later 🙂

If you want to get really fancy, outdoor showers are a wonderful addition to any beachside home. Get inspired by looking at beautiful ones on Pinterest, and give our plumbers a call for a quote today, it just might be more affordable than you think.

So, beachy residents….. don’t back up a beautiful day at the beach with a blocked drain. Keep sand away from your drains to avoid any unnecessary and nasty blockage issues.