We’ve all had it happen numerous times in our homes.

Nature calls.

You head to the toilet.

You go to sit down.

Instead of your bottom meeting the expected safe, stable and steady toilet seat, you find yourself surprised by a sliding, wobbling and moving throne.

Geez, you think. That’s not right. I’ll need that fixed.

Now, we are not in the business of promoting people do their plumbing work, as we all know this can be disastrous.

However, there are some little maintenance things that you can do easily by yourself and tightening your loose toilet seat is one of them.

So, feeling handy? Let’s go.

*Note the following instructions are for an older style toilet, if you have a newer seat that needs tightening, please see this blog post/follow this link for your easy to follow instructions.

  1. There are usually two screws that connect your toilet seat to the porcelain bowl. The two nuts underneath keep them secure. Cheaper toilets have plastic screws, and more expensive models have stainless steel or even brass. The cheaper the screws, the more careful you need to be. The screws are covered by either a white or chrome button that you will need to pry off with a flathead screwdriver to expose the screw heads underneath.
  2. Centre the toilet seat. Make sure it is sitting evenly and centred on top of the toilet bowl.
  3. Armed with the age-old, VERY important and useful knowledge of ‘righty righty, lefty loosey’, get your screwdriver and tighten the screws clockwise (righty tightly, of course)
  4. If the screw keeps turning without tightening up. You will need to secure the nut underneath with a pair of pliers while turning. This will ensure the screws become secure. Keep turning until the seat feels tight in its place.

ESP Plumbing Solutions – We know toilets!!!

Congrats, you just saved yourself a call out fee, and feel free to now call yourself ‘handy around the home’ 😊

Sometimes when a toilet seat continues to become loose regularly (even after tightening). It might be worth looking at replacing the entire seat. Any local hardware or plumbing shops will stock them. Make sure to buy the right shape (Commercial toilet seats come in many different shapes. Round or elongated, and it is important you make sure you purchase the right one).

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